“I have been encouraged to find many living well with dementia.”

Today’s post is by Research Assistant Jacob Reichental. Here Jacob explains why he got involved in the DETERMIND project and what his experience has been so far.

Why I got involved in research

I became interested in dementia research after working with these clients in older age crisis care. It became evident to me that each individual’s journey with dementia can be effected profoundly by factors like their environment and the care they receive. Thus, with great inequalities in our system of care, living well with dementia is possible, but not a given. The current research study I am involved with, DETERMIND, offers the chance to ask some of these questions. Hopefully, by exploring this further, we may be able to offer people treatment and services that bridge inequalities and inequities in the current picture of care.

How I’m finding it

I find the research role both rewarding and challenging. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to explore Sussex, Kent, and Surrey, visiting participants, carers, and their family members in their homes.  I have been encouraged to find many living well with dementia although there are those who have a more difficult time. Additionally, making ourselves understood and collecting valid and reliable data can be a challenge.  As many of the questionnaires we deliver have never been trialled on people with dementia, this is still fertile ground for exploration. In addition to collecting answers about care, this has been a great opportunity to understand how we might best deliver research to those with dementia.

Jacob Reichental is a Research Assistant on the DETERMIND project, based at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.