7. Coordinate the 6 other workstreams to keep the project on track.

Led by: London School of Economic and Political Science

Aims: We will coordinate the other 6 workstreams to make sure we are working towards our aims. We will make sure we are collecting the right information to help us answer our questions and improve dementia care.


Workstream 7 (WS7) will organise and help develop and deliver the other 6 workstreams (WS) so that they work together to answer the critical questions posed by DETERMIND. It will also look at how these findings can be translated into better systems and services for people with dementia and carers.

We will achieve these outcomes through regular meetings between the project team and key stakeholders (experts, advisors, people with dementia and carers). During these meetings we will discuss the findings from each WS and look at how they form a bigger picture that shows what matters in terms of people with dementia’s experiences, outcomes, costs and ability to access services. We will suggest ways to prevent differences in these. We will interview nine senior staff from service providers to discuss the findings and ideas. Through these activities we will agree the final set of conclusions, recommendations and actions.

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